How To Organize A House Move?

Depending on your reason, moving house can either be an exciting or depressing event in your life. For a young couple who are upsizing to a bigger house, you can imagine that they are pretty excited. However, there are depressing reasons for moving such as divorce or losing a loved ones. There"s also the seniors who are downsizing because they no longer need a huge house and for them moving can be a seemingly insurmountable task. Whatever the case, moving is always an exhausting activity. That is why it is necessary to organize your move to avoid some problems that you might encounter and lessen the stress. You want your new chapter in your life to be as good as possible.

Basic tips on planning a move

Organize a moving agenda

Keep a written moving agenda. This can start with a list of everything you do. List even the simplest activities such as acquiring boxes, labels, tape, etc. Add to that your schedule for packing and what items to pack. Sometimes the smallest detail can ruin an almost perfect job.

Get a lot of moving supplies

Acquire enough boxes and tape you will need more than you can imagine. Folding boxes can be purchased in DIY stores or ask used ones from supermarkets or other stores.

If you have hired a moving company, ask if they sell moving boxes. Save 10 to 15 empty boxes for last-minute items such as bedding the night before moving, food from the refrigerator, cleaning items, etc.

Remove all bags, suitcases, backpacks and other bags in the house and fill them with more personal items. For example, seasonal clothing, toiletries, plush, bedding and things you will need on your day one in your new house. Jacksonville moving companies can provide you supplies and help you pack your things.

Organize boxes visually

Use coordinating colors and visible labels to make it easier for workers of moving companies to know where to place each box in the new house. Put stickers of different colors in each box. Assign yellow for kitchen items, blue for the bathroom, lilac for the bedroom, etc. And when you get to your new home, put stickers of the same color on the door of the room where each box belongs.

Organize items by category

Don"t just put random things in a box. You don"t want your tools to go to the same box with your kitchen utensils. Organize items that go together during packing. For example, lamps with corresponding light bulbs, cups, and saucers, hand shower with support, etc.

Start as soon as possible

Begin the process of packing items in boxes as soon as possible. If it is winter, keep summer clothes and accessories weeks before the move, also keep books, toys, CDs kitchen items, etc.

If you have to clean the house before you move, do it few days before the moving day. Although the best time to clean a house is while it"s empty, cleaning a whole house still takes a while. Clean all part of the house including the inside of cabinets and drawers before moving day. Have someone clean the house with a vacuum cleaner to dust the rooms while they are empty. If you need assistance contact your local mover few weeks in advance.

Take care of your valuables

Pay special attention to your valuables and try to make room in the car so you can take them with you. This includes not only jewelry but important papers, passports, receipts, personal agendas, phone lists, etc.

Moving with children

Moving home can be especially difficult if you have children. Changing from one home to another can be traumatic for children, especially if the new house is in another city. Try to involve your children in the process of moving, buying cheerful boxes for them so they can put their things themselves.

Tell them to choose what things they want to get on their first day in your new house. From a special toy or book to their favorite blanket. Put them in their box. Preparing them mentally and emotionally before the move will make the moving more acceptable to them.

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